Table of Contents


The Story of Karpen: An Overview


 Part I

1830-1872: Tischler Karpen”

1993-2017: The Karpens’ Ancestral Home

1872-1880: From the Old World to Chicago

Part II

1880-1884:  The Founding of S. Karpen & Bros.

1880-1892: The Karpen Family in America

1885-1886: First Steps

1887-1888: Nine Brothers in the Business

1889-1891: Overcoming a Tragedy

1888-1891:  The Karpen Nine—A Part of Baseball’s Lore

1892-1893: The First Karpen Building on Michigan Avenue

1891-1893: First Prize at The World’s Columbian Exposition

1893-1901: The Karpen Family in Chicago

The following chapters will be posted soon:

1895-1898: The Big Time

Part III

1899: The Great Expansion

1900-1905:  Entering the National Stage

1905-1910:  Success on the Nation Stage

Part IV

1910-1920:  A Plastic Called Redmanol

1920-1930: The Roaring 20s


1930-1940: The New Reality

1940-1951: The Sale of S. Karpen & Bros.